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Ronald McDonald House

Conceptual work undertaken for Ronald McDonald House South Island, a charity we were happy to support.

A brand refresh was required to better represent the services and support offered by Ronald McDonald House, in a more modern way.

We considered the heart-based connections of the people that bring it all together, whether a child, family member, staff member or supporter, to be of huge importance and something that should have a strong presence. The collection of ‘helping hands’ from a strong and nurturing support base, serve as an integral part of a journey. These elements served as the basis of the new branding concept.

We developed a new colour palette, conveying warmth and positivity, alongside the creation of a graphical illustration representing the ‘journey’, and all the people and little things that make it an easier and a more supported process. The pattern works to convey the feelings of friendliness, kindness and ‘a home away from home’, while incorporating natural elements of the South Island.

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